Who is Avery*Sunshine?

Avery*Sunshine takes no detours in creating melodious music for the

masses. She makes the kind of music that undeniably satisfies the soul

leaving her audience full and invigorated. Born Denise White in Chester,

Pennsylvania, with her roots grounded in the church, the singer, pianist, and composer has created a signature sound that mixes soul, jazz, R&B, and gospel.

Avery’s sound is uplifting, vibrant, and exactly as her namesake suggests,

full of sunshine. She brings people together through her riveting

performances, candid and often humorous stage banter, and optimistic

anthems about love and life.

Avery’s newest album, Four Songs & A Boot Leg, showcases her captivating and euphonious voice. The lead single “Lucky” has climbed the charts making it to the Billboard Top 30 Adult R&B National Airplay. Fans will be pleased to soak in the live portion of her album recorded in Atlanta in 2019, just before the pandemic. The quintessential artist that Avery is, she continued to work during the pandemic with the thought of mind that this project would raise spirits in a much-needed way.

Avery and her musical partner, guitarist, and husband Dana “Big Dane”

Johnson empower and encourage audiences through their platforms. Besides the stage, the “Hey Sunshine Show” is another offering for fans who can join by visiting www.averysunshine.com. The collaborative brings exclusive content to fans wanting to delve further into the inspiration that is Avery*Sunshine.

In addition to Avery’s music, her creative spirit extends to her illustrious

cosmetic line Lou*Mack Beauty. This endeavor is simply another way to

connect and encourage, specifically women of color; to celebrate who they are and their lineage unapologetically.

Avery is currently rocking it out on stages all over the US as she has done
multiple international venues including Asia, Africa, Australia, and the UK.
to fill. And I pray that the small space that I occupy in this world reminds
everyone to SHINE no matter what”.

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